Exercise Bike Reviews

Exercise bikes without a doubt are one of the greatest tools made for exercising. Also, since the market has grown a lot, which is a big win for the users, the impressive growth can be a headache. Here is why. The hundreds, if not tens of exercise brands on the market on one side is giving the users a variety of options choose. That is the better side. On the other side, selecting the best is hard.

To help you choose the best exercise bike and understand every other bit of exercise bikes, we have compiled all the necessary information and research about exercise bikes. This is for two reasons. We know what shoppers, like you, go through when choosing and shopping for exercise bikes. Second, there isn’t enough and credible information about exercise bikes on the Internet. Hope you will enjoy our exercise bike reviews.

Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Great exercises start with proper equipment. As you consider starting a home or public gym, the ideal machine, to begin with, is the exercise bikes. They might look simple. They are among the best and simplest to use. Whether you are a beginner, of a cycling expert, these devices have no limitation. For you to experience outstanding body workouts, it doesn’t mean extra training. You can achieve a stunning body while enjoying the greatest comfort.

As you embark on purchasing an exercise bike, it’s essential to understand basic requirements. There are a few differences in the bikes configurations. But, the working principle is similar. These bikes classification is as follows; recumbent, spin and upright. Each has its advantages to the user.

Buying a stationary bike isn’t an easy task. You need a strong understanding to get the right one. We will take you through step by steps to ease the buying process.

What is an exercise bike?

Some people call stationary bikes/bicycles. These are equipment that people use indoors for training purposes. They use bicycle functioning mechanism, though they are motionless. These bikes have components arranged in the same configuration as a regular bicycle. Unlike bikes, their design enhances low impacting exercises.

Advantages of purchasing an exercise bike

Before you buy it, it’s important to understand the benefits associated with these bikes.

Exercise bikes are useful in achieving cardio workouts

People, who don’t exercise, are at risk of developing cardio complications. Finding appropriate exercising equipment isn’t easy. Training bikes are efficient in offering whole body training.

Everyone can use exercise bikes

Unlike regular bicycles, these are comfortable and safe. Whether you are beginner or expert, they are ideal for exercising. The fact that their use is indoors, it ensures no injuries or falling.

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It is easy to track your workout results

Road biking doesn’t offer you the final results; this can lead to overtraining. When using a stationary bike, monitoring your exercises is a minute job. They have trackers that track your distance, speed and calories spent.

Guides to follow when purchasing training bikes

I. Type of the bikes/frame type


This bike is among the most popular. It’s convenient and easy to use. Its design offers a reclining position that ensures comfort to the users. When you compare it with upright bike types, it is so far the best. The inclination is useful especially in the distribution of body weight. No matter whether you are at the beginner level, they are the best option to train. Also, it’s advisable for people with back pains to use these exercising bikes.

  • Better spine posture. The sitting position on these bikes is comfortable. The level of handlebars and back support ensures the user doesn’t strain.
  • It is gentle on joints and muscles. Since the bucket seat supports your back, they protect your joints from injuries.
  • It is gentle on joints and muscles. Since the bucket seat supports your back, they protect your joints from injuries.
  • The bikes come with large seats. These bikes combine comfort and exercises. As you pedal, you have enough support from the large bucket seat.
  • It’s safe for people with neurological conditions. The design of this bike allows usability by trainers of all levels. Also, it’s safe for obese and elderly
  • This machine is costly than upright bikes. The reason being, It has more materials to increase comfort.
  • The recumbent bike is more significant in size. If you compare it with upright, it requires more space. Also, it is heavier than upright type.


These exercise bikes are more of traditional bicycles. The only difference is the lack of wheels. These bikes are available with a slim high seat. Unlike recumbent type, they have no back support. As you exercise, you tend to lean forward. They give the rider freedom of control. This, in turn, might cause excitement as the user pedals.

  • The bike gives you a real biking feeling. Besides, it’s consistent with its workouts.
  • The same muscles you use when riding outdoors, are the same that machine engages. Thus, it leads to whole body exercise.
  • As you cycle, while leaning forward, it engages abdominal muscle. This is contrary to recumbent bikes.
  • The bike is compact hence requires lesser space.
  • Its seat is smaller in size. This limits its usability, older adults and those with back pains can’t use it.
  • It’s lesser comfortable as it lacks back support and a large padded seat.


They are the most challenging bikes to use in the gym. At the same time, they produce the most workouts. Unlike the rest two, the feature a higher seat and low handlebars. As you ride, the bikes are perfect in boosting your stamina and motivation. The flywheel minimizes injury chances. If you have a joints problem, they are perfect to buy. Also, they are suitable for professional bikers.

  • Due to its challenging nature, you achieve a stunning body shape faster. Also, it offers a chance to get well build legs.
  • The spinning bike is excellent in increasing your mental strength.
  • The bike offers a real like effect as you experience on outdoor biking. Its low impact makes it ideal for people with joint problems. People who have arthritis can use it.
  • The bike is heavy. It requires a hard floor.
  • It occupies a large area. So, if you are in a limit of space, it might not be the best idea.

II. Flywheels and resistance

Flywheels are responsible for the biking feeling. As you spin the pedals, they allow you to feel the cycling effects. Each model in the market comes with a different flywheel. The heaviest weighs 25kg, the heavier that flywheel, the smoother the pedaling. Additionally, a bike having a heavy wheel allows the rider to use more energy to make it rotate. In long last, the more it will break down more calories.

Now, as we have seen, the flywheels are responsible for generating resistance. It’s, thus, essential to know the type of resistance that will fit you.


The resistance is what makes the bike an exercise tool. The direct contact mechanism involves the use of brake pads to induce friction. The application of brakes is direct to the flywheel. As you cycle, it offers a chance for you to adjust the resistance level. The change in these level works like gears on a bicycle.

Using brake type resistance can be helpful. They have a high degree of accuracy. Besides, they are prone to mechanical damage. Since you apply the braking, pads need constant replacement. Also, at some points, you need to entire flywheel due to wearing out. These kinds of bikes are a bit noisy due to the manual brake application.


With advancement in technology, the magnetic types are replacing direct contact. Their design makes them offer the quietest operation. This is because; there is no direct contact between brakes and the flywheel. Besides being quiet, cycling is smooth and no wear and tears in the brakes and flywheel.

The magnetic resistance system can either be manual or electromagnetic — the manual one, a dial shifts the magnets around the flywheel. On the electromagnetic type, a computer console adjusts the resistance. Working on a machine with this resistance type offers a silent and smooth exercising.


These bikes use natural air to create resistance. The flywheel is a modification of a huge fan. Upon pedaling, the fan generates the resistance. It is a simple mechanism. It incorporates pulleys that connect to pedals. The resistance arises from the fastness in pedaling. The faster you spin, the more the resistance.

Exercising with a bike with this type of resistance is fun. Unlike with other kinds, you enjoy a fresh air stream the fan creates as it rotates. Once you know how to use it, it’s useful when using it to train.

III. Computer console features

Tracking your exercising is essential to avoid over training. Check, the machine you want to buy for the presence of a computer console. These days, they come with digital displays. Almost all stationary bikes come with LED.

As you train, the computer should inform you of the rate of calories break down, speed, pulse rate and time. Contrary to outdoor biking, the console is helpful. It’s on the console where you set resistance. Also, it enables you to control other features of the device.

Before you take the machine home, ensure the console is user-friendly. Some might be difficult to calibrate. As with other machines, be sure you can be able to operate it by yourself. Different companies have their configuration. Hence, the rate of estimation might differ, although, at negligible units.

IV. Extra enhancements

The construction of training bikes keeps changes with time. As the new devices continue to emerge, some are compatible with these bikes. The main aim of incorporating them is to boots rider’s morale. Riding alone at home can cause boredom. A state of art bike can keep you active and alert.

If you tour the market today, different companies have a range of exercise bikes. They are full of additional enhancements to attract customers. For instance, some have speakers. As you train, you can listen to music. Others have cup holders to keep your drinks. This avoids disturbances as your training session. If you go thirsty, a drink or water is within proximity.

V. Price

For every equipment or device, the budget is one of the top considerations. The training bikes prices differ with the complexity of the machine. Also, the other contributing factor is the flywheel weight and console. The lighter bikes with the standard console will cost less.

If you take, for instance, there are as cheap bikes costing less than $300. Their flywheels weigh about 4kg. The $300-$500, they are ideal for home use. They have a sturdy frame; flywheels are nearly 6kg and large consoles. $500-$100, these are heavy duty home exercise bikes. They have an extra durable frame, heavy flywheel; 9kg and a clear console display. For bike over $1000, they are for the public gym use. They have outstanding features like an extra heavy flywheel and self-generating power.

The bike type determines the price. You find that upright training bikes are a bit cheaper. With as less as $300 it’s possible to buy an upright exercising bike. For recumbent and spin bikes, they will cost over $1000.

VI. The available space

When buying an exercise machine, space consideration is paramount. If the gym space is limiting you, you need small equipment. Upright bikes are a bit smaller. They are ideal for packed spaces. But, spin and recumbent bikes are large. They need a bigger space. Before you get one for your fitness area is a top determinant.

The other aspect is the weight of the machine. Heavy ones, like spin exercise bikes, need a solid floor. If the platform is substandard, it risks suffering damage. Upright bikes are compact and light, and they will usable on almost all floor types.

VII. The goal of buying an exercise bike

You can’t wake up one day and shop training bike without reason. Before spending you hundreds of dollars, define your reason for purchasing. Some will buy it for exercising to keep fit. Others will buy it for rehabilitation, for example, weight loss.

Another goal examination is the form of work out you are aiming. The recumbent, upright and spin bikes have different benefits. For the recumbent, it’s ideal for lower body and cardio workouts. For the upright and spin, they are perfect for the whole body exercising. By drawing your goals, it’s easy to get the right training bike.

VIII. The warranty.

The last thing to consider as you shop for an exercise bike is a guarantee. Depending on the brand, they differ in warranty. It is prudent to ensure the warranty cover is present. This is important as the company will replace or repair in case of breakdown.


It is evident buying an exercise bike is not an easy task. It’s not everyone an expert in this field. But, with an excellent detailed guide, it is possible to buy without a hitch. Knowing the right type of bike you need, ensure you enjoy your workouts. It’s also important to know the price, goals to achieve and other top features. With the correct equipment, you will remain fit and youngish.

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