10 Ways to Reduce Boredom on an Exercise Bike


Most probably, you’re already aware of the many great benefits of exercising. Such benefits range from improving health, energy, mood, and sleep. Also, it helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Detailed workout instructions and strategies are easily available. If knowing why and how to work out was enough, then we’d all be fit.

To make exercising a habit, it takes more, including a smart approach and the right mindset. Your fitness level or age doesn’t matter; even if you’ve never exercised before. You can make exercise less painful, less intimidating, more fun, and instinctive.

Exercise Bicycles

Exercise bikes are often referred to as stationary bicycles. Quite many people get drawn to the idea of purchasing an exercise bike to work out indoors. These are the same people that will quickly realize how boring pedaling away for 30 minutes or more can be. Working out on an exercise bike is great for weight loss and toning. Also, they’ll help to improve your fitness levels.

Exercise bikes boast added comfort. It’ll leave you wondering why you had to endure many years of discomfort on standard bicycles. Set the stationary bike to a high-resistance mode. That way, you’ll get amazing cardio workouts while toning the muscles in your legs. Stationary bikes also provide for beneficial fat-burning workouts. That’s incredibly great for the butt and legs. Adjust the programs to work out various muscle groups in your butt, thighs, and legs.

An exercise bike is a much useful tool. But, just as with any other tool, it’ll only help if you make use of it the right way. Unfortunately, stationary bikes can get monotonous after some while. A lot of individuals become fed up of exercise biking. In this section, we’ll discuss the ten best ways through which you can reduce boredom.

1. Music, Music, and More Music

Listening to some music is among the most obvious ways through which you can reduce boredom when working out. Jump on a stationary bicycle and start pedaling away without any distractions. The chances are that you’ll soon begin to go insane due to the mind-numbing boredom.

It’s entirely up to you. Decide on the kind of music you’d want. Most individuals prefer high-tempo dance music to other music genres. Such music tends to make you subconsciously cycle faster. You’ll work harder that you’d usually. You should also avoid getting stuck in a workout playlist rut. Soon enough, the songs which you once found inspirational will ignite a feeling of doom when they come on.

A boring workout playlist won’t just affect your motivation. It’ll also make you skip songs and finish your playlist. Consequently, you’ll end your workout more quickly. So, never forget to update your playlist. Music is an excellent solution to eliminating boredom while working out. It assures you of a much more enjoyable workout experience.

2. Reading a Book or a Magazine

Today, exercise bikes come included with reading racks and media trays. It’s a suitable way to cut boredom. However, some people don’t like reading while using a stationary bike. They assert that it becomes hard to concentrate on what you’re reading. That is especially the case when you’re frantically pedaling away at full speed. Others say they wouldn’t like dripping sweat all over their magazine, book, or Kindle.

3. Watch Television

In the old days, one would need to move their exercise bicycle in front of their TV to watch their favorite TV shows. Today, it’s all different. In case you’ve your stationary bike at home, watching television would be a great option. It’s yet another fantastic way to make time pass faster. Also, it’d grant you the opportunity to catch up on your favorite shows. You’re likely to find yourself looking forward to your workout. It’d especially be so if you’re aware you’ll be watching your favorite show. It’s an excellent boredom-elimination method, especially if you don’t have lots of spare time.

4. Keep It Short

You can’t prevent an endless duration of exercise biking from becoming boring. But, the good news is that such long, yet slow rides aren’t necessary. You can obtain a huge bang for your money in 90-120 minutes per session. You’ll get even more value if make your short workout intense. Do you often do more than 120 minutes? If so, that only implies that you’re barely giving it the amount of effort that would bring a lot of value. You could be using such time even more efficiently.

5. Target Setting

Set yourself challenging workout targets throughout your workout. It’s a unique way to stay motivated and focused. In turn, it’ll help reduce much of the boredom. Set yourself certain times that you’ve to try and beat every mile. As well, include an end time which you’ve to beat once after completing your workout. Although those are just suggestions, they’ve proven to work pretty well.

6. Add Intervals

Be intense. We’ll show that using a simple example. Now, you can ride for a whole hour at a steady endurance pace. Wouldn’t that be boring? Or, you could break that one-hour ride into segments. An example of a power workout would entail a 10-minute warm-up and a 5-minute tempo speed. The rest would be eight 30-second intervals at high-intensity levels. Allow for some time of easy pedaling, and head back to your tempo pace. You can add several more intervals and then a cool-down.

Mix up your workouts on a regular basis. It’s unnecessary to cover the same distance each time. There’s nothing wrong with using different resistance levels. Perform shorter workouts at high resistance levels. It’ll help build strength in your legs. Challenge yourself a lot to keep things fresh.

7. Switch to Spinning Workouts

Traditional upright stationary bicycles have nothing wrong. You might want to switch several things up a little bit to make your workouts more enjoyable. Consider swapping your traditional vertical bicycle for a spinning one.

Spinning workouts tend to mimic the feel of cycling outdoors. They grant you an opportunity to perform many, different spinning workouts. Such can be performed in both standing and seated positions. These workouts are much more intense. But, they’ll add more variety to your indoor workouts.

8. Find a Partner

Some people get bored watching TV and listening to music all the time. Are you in that category? Then, you’d want to consider finding a workout partner. You can cycle along with a partner. It’s less tedious than other options. It’s also less boring as you’d have someone by your side. Besides, you can make things much more interesting by racing against each other. Compete to see who can cover a certain distance in the shortest time.

9. Make Your Exercise Biking Experience a No-Brainer

Sketch out an interval plan. Set up a good playlist to match your workout. We’d recommend that you get some bike videos. Such videos do it all for you. You’ll find multiple videos of biking programs out there. With some videos, you can watch real-race footages with commendably good music. That would prove better than watching people ride exercise bikes.

10. Learning New Languages

The time you’d spend on a stationary bike is an appropriate time to learn new things. It’s ideal for learning a new language. Learning an entirely new language demands concentration. It takes your thoughts off the actual workout. Maybe, this technique isn’t just appropriate for you. There are thousands of audio books and podcasts. These podcasts will teach you valuable information.

Both of these techniques are ideal as they serve as suitable distractions. Sure, they might not be the electro-pop which motivates you. But, you’ll find yourself staying on the exercise bike longer. Also, you’ll look forward to your workout sessions more than usual.


This feature is worth mentioning. Google has impacted many aspects of our lives. We could attribute that to its advanced technologies and innovations. Such include new applications like Google Maps. It improves your boring exercise bike rides. You get to ride through streets of various cities in the world. You’ll be able to choose your route. The bike’s resistance will adjust to match the terrain of the particular selected city. Some exclusive brands offer this feature.


Cycling on an exercise bicycle is a non-weight bearing activity. When compared to other workout activities, there’s less stress on muscles and joints. That enables one to avoid the over-use injuries which are common among beginners. Exercise biking is an exceptional opportunity for beginners. As well, it’d be an excellent option for those who’re seeking to lose weight.

It’s likely the most efficient workout options anyone can do without screwing up. The tips we’ve included above assure you of satisfying results. We’d also like to give you some bonus tips. They will help enhance your indoor experience, making your workouts even more enjoyable:


Extend your visual imagery to mathematical calculations. Square several numbers, add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Let’s consider multiplication. Multiply 1-1 digit numbers. Proceed to 2-2 digit numbers. Aim to do multiplication of 3-3 digits, if possible. Or, count from 0 to 100 in five-100 groups. The goal here is to motivate oneself. Time will go by fast. Counting helps you stay calm even when you’re getting agitated.


Play the mental game. Take pride in that you’re doing something which other people aren’t. If you’ve enough room, then set up a dedicated space that’s solely for your exercise bike. Most people prefer having stationary bikes in basements. That’s known to provide for a real dungeon feel. If possible, find some motivational quotes and images. Fit them up on the walls.


Whenever you get an opportunity to ride with your friends, do it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot, cold, or crappy outside. You’ll get something great out of riding with your buddies. While you’ll be able to build camaraderie, you’d need the social aspect of riding, too. Such periodic check-ins will help create the motivation to work out on your own.


This factor is important for any workout. In case you feel any discomfort or pain while working out, you ought to stop immediately! If you feel much better after a brief rest, you can then resume your workout. You shouldn’t try to power through pain or discomfort. It’s a surefire way to get injured.


As with any other kinds of workouts, you ought to reward yourself in exercise biking. Rewards are a great behavior reinforce. Always reward yourself whenever you complete a workout or reach a new goal. A reward is most effective when it’s something you’re looking forward to. It can be something simple. You can have a cup of coffee or hot bath.


It doesn’t matter how much you’re enjoying an exercise routine. You might lose interest in that form of exercise. In fact, staying motivated is among the biggest challenges today. In the case of loss of interest, you can shake things up and try newer things. As well, you can alter the way you pursue exercises which you’ve worked so far. Pairing your workout with a treat is an incredible tip for staying motivated. You could listen to audiobooks or watch your favorite TV shows while on your stationary bike.

Read various health and fitness magazines. Visit an exercise-based website. Log your activity. Maintain a record of your different workouts and fitness progress. Just writing those down will increase your commitment. It’ll also help hold you accountable to your routine. It’d be hugely encouraging to look back at your starting point.


The majority of indoor bicycles are quite different from the standard road bikes. They also differ from mountain and triathlon bikes. Riding an exercise bike is way more convenient than outdoor cycling. The latter can be messy. You’d need to dress appropriately, have a spare tire, and know how to change the tires. That list goes on.

Indoor bikes are especially convenient in inclement weather conditions. Indoor cycling ensures for a good enough heart rate. That rate will give you an excellent cardiovascular response. But, what if you’re committed to becoming a ‘technical cyclist’? Outdoor cycling can prove to be as useful as indoor ones.


Most of us would admit having a love-hate relationship with the gym. Our busy work lives sometimes make it easy to get stuck in a workout rut. Some of us find themselves doing one thing over and over again. Follow our handy tips included in this article to refresh your exercise bike workouts. They serve as a fantastic way to maximize your muscle toning and fat burning. It’s true.

So, how do you fight boredom? What motivates or distracts us in exercise biking is different for everyone. There’s only smart way to find out your perfect motivation or distraction factor. That is trying out the different recommendations we’ve discussed in this article. Try out techniques that you think would work for you.