5 Ways Exercise Bike Can Help You Burn Fat

Building up unwanted fat along your waistline or even the belly is pretty easy. But did you know that you can keep it in check? A lot of people are suffering now as a result of fat accumulating around their waistline, and they have no idea how to deal with the problem. As time goes, humans are becoming less and less inactive due to the nature of our jobs.

Our daily jobs require us just to sit in front of the PCs for extended hours while we forget that exercises are important in burning excess calories. Most people searching for information on belly fat reduction tend to believe that sit-up and crunches are a 100 percent effective. What they achieve is just tightening of the abdominal muscles leaving the layer of fat untouched. All you need is exercise bike to help you burn that fat that makes you feel uncomfortable.

An exercise bike is simply an equipment designed to help in stimulating actual bicycle riding. It is a cardiovascular exercise similar to the real riding of a bike that comes in handy when burning not only the fat in the belly but the entire body. The equipment is suitable for both men and women.

Stationary exercise bikes are considered a safe and very effective medium of performing body exercises. There are two types of stationary exercise bikes: a recumbent and an upright bike. The riders of a recumbent bicycle train in the optimum position to achieve maximum fitness results. There are recumbent bikes fitted with a saddle fitted anatomically for the maximum all time comfort.

An upright exercise and fitness stationary bike on the other hand looks just like a traditional bicycle in design. The location of the seat is almost directly above the pedal, and this causes the rider feel unstable due to a high center of gravity. The bike requires the user to lean forward which causes a lot of discomfort on them. It is apparent that people with lower back issues will not prefer an upright bike. Anybody regardless of their physical abilities can use a recumbent bike. No doubt, the recumbent exercise and fitness bike carries the day on comfort and efficiency.

But you might be wondering the best bike for burning fat. Both produce the same desired results if correctly used. The difference only comes from the appearance and comfort from using each of them. The answer to the question is that it depends on how hard your workout is and also your needs. Use either to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Enough of the types of stationary bikes pros and cons. Here are the ways an exercise bike can help you burn that stubborn fat in your body.

Exercise Consistently

So your objective is to eliminate that fat in your stomach, waistline, thighs or even the whole of your body. You will agree that physical looks matter a lot especially when it comes to women. Maintaining a healthy body shape is essential in ensuring a pleasant and happy life health wise or even socially. On most occasions, we tend to prefer people who have maintained their bodies properly. Those who neglect their bodies are not taken seriously.

Therefore, to ensure that you achieve the desired results, make it a routine to exercise regularly. Create a schedule or set some time for the exercise and stick to it without fail. It does not mean that the exercises have to be of high intensity. Do not do it vigorously if you cannot handle it as it is a recipe for quitting. If you are ok with a vigorous workout, ensure that you limit it to 150 minutes per week. A standard cardiovascular exercise sufficient to burn excess fat in your body takes about 300 minutes per week. You may feel like quitting due to the burnout that comes with cycling for long. You would expect particularly in the beginning. Don’t stop. Resilience and determination are crucial to keeping moving. When you do anything repeatedly, it becomes part of you and the easier to do it becomes. So, don’t quit. Keep at it till your body is in good and desirable shape.

Transform your lifestyle

Exercising alone makes no sense if we do not cut fat intake. In fact, it would be insane to find somebody doing exercise bike workouts while at the same time consuming more and more fats. On most occasions, the primary cause of non-communicable diseases including high blood pressure and overweight are directly connected to our way of life. The more you ingest garbage, the more your body gets susceptible to all kinds of diseases. To prevent yourself from accumulating excess fat, try as much as possible to limit your fat intake. Improve your diet by taking less of high-calorie items i.e. cheese, butter, and sugar sweets. Eat more greens and fruits. Consume foods with slow burning carbohydrates to help provide energy during the workouts. Good examples are whole grains (portions of pasta and bread) Take proteins to ensure a balanced diet. Leading a healthy lifestyle requires that you shun all forms of junk foods that contain lots of fats harmful for the body. If you manage to keep your fat intake in check, you don’t suffer the trouble of getting it out of your body. Why wait until things have gone wrong and start rushing when the situation gets out of hand? It calls for discipline to keep any fatty items at bay. If you can do it now, go ahead and create a health circle for yourself for a happier future.

Consider Interval Training

Stationary exercise bikes will ultimately help you burn that excess fat in your body. But that requires patience and time. You cannot realize success in a day. Well, that is not to say that interval training will produce overnight results, but it can help you achieve much better faster results. And what’s more? You can fight boredom that arises from doing the same thing over and again. May I break it down for you? Once you have completed your cycling exercise with the stationary bike, get ready for a more intense exercise. Call it the all-out effort. Cycle with all energy for about two minutes, then take a 30 seconds rest to regain your breath. Take about six sets and keep improving for a longer duration. Isn’t this point contradicting point number one? So it may seem. But look, in this case, you have a 30 seconds break after an intense cycle. Again, it comes at the end of the main exercise. It is a bonus meant to speed up the calorie/ fat burn. So, this may not cause a burnout on the trainer.

Off the bike exercises

Cycling an exercise bike is not enough to burn fat. Furthermore, you may be thinking “stomach crunches and sit-ups will help burn belly fat” but that is not the case. What sit-ups and the stomach crunches achieve is just to help you build bigger muscles and maybe have improved core strength. They do not remove fat. You require a more holistic exercise to tone and burn the calories and eliminate the fats. These exercises include

  • Aerobic muscle workouts
  • Planks
  • Cross training
  • Do Circuits
  • Class for example Zumba boy or Combat, and Bootcamp sessions
  • Dog Circuits

Muscles burn more calories than cycling an exercise bike. These exercises, therefore, will help in fastening the rate of fat burn.

Limit stress

Stress and weight are somehow correlated. A person with a lot of weight normally has high-fat deposits. There are many types of stress. It depends on the degree or the intensity of your stress. Stress can either be constructive or destructive. Constructive stress is very common and is manageable. Almost everybody experiences this type. On the other hand, destructive stress is extremely dangerous as it may result in distress. People react to stress differently. There are those whose appetite increases with the level of stress. That way, they will put on may put on weight and accumulate a lot of fat in their body. Others response towards stress is characterized by less intake of food and loss of weight. Neither site of the two situations is healthy. Sound sleep is affected. So, to maintain a healthy body, managing stress is paramount. Understand also that aerobic exercises like cycling can help reduce the level of stress, a decline in anxiety, act as a mind booster and aid in reducing tensions. Whenever you feel stressed, take a nature walk, cycle an exercise bike. Always stay active.

Take a good and uninterrupted post-cycling rest

Yes. Sleep well. If your aim is to shed some weight and hence eliminate excess fat in your body, then you do not want to deprive yourself of sleep. Studies prove that people whose take between six and eight hours of sleep per night are successful in keeping their weight in check. And that is not all. It also assists in the prevention of after-exercise injuries. Research also shows that eating a meal and sleeping shortly after, is another cause of accumulated fats. Always try to take your supper a few hours before sleep to prevent calories from building up in the body.

So, what a cool method of beating belly fat? If sleep will save you troubles that come from accumulating excess calories, then why not enjoy it?

Many benefits arise from using exercise bikes in burning fat in the body. Stationary bikes are popular with gyms. However, fitness minded people buy them for use a home. It is agreeable that a stationary exercise bike can give you an excellent cardiovascular workout to help in strengthening of your lower body. But basing your workouts solely on exercise bikes comes with several disadvantages.

  • Limited impact- An exercise bike mainly concentrates its impact on the lower part of the body. It means abandoning the rest of the body. Only the legs will gain strength. Jogging for only 30 minutes can help burn more calories compared to the exercise bike for the same amount of time. Jogging strengthens the body equally. It requires, therefore, incorporating other activities to cancel out this effect.
  • Boredom- prolonged use of an exercise bike as the only way of burning fat does not offer much satisfaction and fulfillment like when starting. One lack motivation and may easily quit or pedal slowly. On a traditional bicycle, one feels psyched up to move faster as you can see the effort you are putting on it bear fruits i.e. you are moving and probably at a high speed.
  • Setting indoor-Using a stationary exercise bike is not an ideal method of preparing for a real contest. It denies one a chance to experience various challenges like a terrain or even harsh climate. For those athletes must train/exercise indoors mainly because of safety concerns, strive to push yourself further as if it’s the real contests. You will notice a difference during the competition.
  • Corrective measures- for sure, stationary exercise bikes will help you burn fats mainly in your lower body parts. However, look for alternative forms of exercise to fully achieve optimum results from a workout and fully gain body strength. For the best results, supplement the exercise bikes cycling with swimming, running/jogging and other high impacts cardiovascular exercises.

Wrap up:

Burning excess fat is mandatory for better health. Exercise bikes are essential in eliminating mainly abdominal, thigh and waistline fat. However, to succeed in this undertaking, there is the need to exercise regularly, cut fat intake, perform interval training, alternate exercises for overall body impact, and get enough sleep. Emphasis is on ensuring that instead of just exercising blindly on stationary bikes, consider other activities that can enhance the experience. Those are the golden rules in ensuring that you maintain and retain our body form. You can never fail if you implement the above tips. Go ahead, put them into practice and you can never go wrong with them.