Best Upright Exercise Bike of 2020

Keeping fit is everyone’s goal. We all desire to keep our bodies in the right shape. Did you know that unique upright bikes that aid in workouts are now available? With a high-quality upright exercise bike, you can now realize the fittest body from regular workouts at the comfort of your home.

An upright exercise bike is easy to operate and not as strenuous as the conventional fitness equipment. Below are in-depth reviews of the top five best upright exercise bikes on the market currently. Read on to identify the ideal model that suits your need and budget.

Top Best Upright Exercise Bikes Comparison

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Exerpeutic Folding Upright BikeExerpeutic Folding Upright Bike *
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Top 5 Best Upright Exercise Bikes

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

Exerpeutic Folding Upright Bike
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As of: 2022/05/28 2:00 pm - Details
Exerpeutic Folding Upright Bike *
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Best upright exercise bike

Quality accessories, when accompanied with the dedication to workouts bring the best results. Exerpeutic is a company dedicated to delivering the best exercise tools.

If you are in the search for an excellent beginner bike for home use, then you could consider the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike With pulse.

The love it continues to receive on the market is a clear sign that it’s at the top to stay. For many months now, it has been the top-seller exercise bike on Amazon.

Its design sets it apart. The features on this bike are rare to find. Their assembly is also worth the praise as no component stays in the path of the other.

Its ability to beat all other brands on the market raises the curiosity of many. So, could you be wondering what sets this exercise bike apart? Let’s dig in more to get a clear insight of what it has to offer.

What features make this product exclusive?

8-levels Magnetic Resistance: As a beginner, you would not want a bike that starts with a high resistance. The manufacturer of this bike brings you 8-levels of magnetic resistance with this bike. You can now start riding the first few levels to get your muscles used to workouts. Later, you can proceed to the higher levels where more effort will be necessary.Why is this feature important? With the 8-levels of magnetic resistance, you are sure of boredom free workouts. You will never get used to the exercises. You will keep improving every day as you strive to beat the resistance challenge.

Large bright LCD: For the best results of working out, you will need to keep track of your progress. This bike brings you everything you need to analyze and see the progress of your workouts. The large LCD on this bike displays speed, time, calories, distance, scan, and the pulse rate. You will see the areas that need improvement and put more effort.

Large, well-padded seat: The comfort brought by the seat on this bike is worth the praise. The Seat is large to accommodate huge people. It is also well-padded to drop any shock and keep you comfortable during your exercises.

Pulse track embedded in the handlebars: Monitoring your heart rate is crucial. The pulse track on the handlebars of this bike is there to provide you with information about your heart rate. You can now detect when your heart beat goes beyond average.

High torque crank: The crank system on this bike generates high torque. This provides smooth and comfortable workouts.

Foldable ad easy assembly: Storing or transporting this bike is not a bone of contention. You can fold it to a small size thus utilizes little storage space. Transporting it through your small car boot is also possible.Assembling this bike is as easy as ABC. You don’t need any help as it comes with a clear instruction guide. Its components are light thus requires minimal effort to assemble.

High weight accommodation: This bike accommodates user’s weight of up to 300 pounds. It does not depreciate even with abuse by heavy-weight individuals thanks to its sturdy construction.

Other benefits:

It is ideal for both women and men.

Pros and cons of the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse.


Low-cost: This bike does not come with extra features such as Mp3 ports or speakers. However, it brings you more than you would expect at its price. It suits anyone looking for a high-quality bike at a low-cost for home use. It is an excellent choice for those looking forward to losing some pounds. Also, it maintains your fitness at high levels.

High weight accommodation: This bike accommodates a weight of about 300 pounds. It is also ideal for individuals with a height of 5’3 up to 6’3. Many people can now use this bike with no problems.

Well-varied, comfortable workouts: The 8-levels magnetic resistance offers the users of this bike well-varied workout for the best results. It allows them to start little and later advance to the high levels of working out.Also, its operation is smooth and quiet. This makes it ideal for use in residential areas. The v-belt drive and the precision-balanced heavy flywheel on this bike work quietly. Its well-padded seat brings great comfort for many years.


Limited use regarding height: The unreachable pedals on this bike are a disadvantage to the short people. Some people find it strenuous to reach the pedals due to their height. Again, it comes with a height limit of 6’1. Individuals with a larger height than 6’1 inches will find it tough to ride this bike due to their tall legs.

Overall Impression:

To wrap it up, it is clear that this is a good starter exercise bicycle. It should boost workouts to keep you improving your fitness every passing day. Its features and performance at its cost deliver more than expected.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike
View on Amazon * $331.70
As of: 2020/08/13 1:47 pm - Details
Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike *
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It is a lightweight bike despite being durable and robust. Worth the praise is its 40lb flywheel. It is among the features that make investing in this bike worthwhile. Its flywheel is large to boost the efficiency of your workouts. You do not need to use excessive force to get things done.

This upright bike comes to suit every rider regardless of the height, body weight or size. It features adjustable handlebars and seat to ensure anyone can configure it into the comfortable position. The level of resistance on this bike is also customizable.

It also comes to spice up the look of your indoor gym. It features a red design and a stylish silver finish that sets it apart. Many appreciate its look as it is neither too complicated but stays sharp.

What features make this product exclusive?

Steel frame: The construction of this upright indoor exercise bike guarantees its durability and heavy duty performance. Its entire frame comes from hardened steel. The material makes it sturdy to accommodate large weights. Also, no weather can harm this bike as its corrosion and rust resistant.

Heavy duty crank: You will always ride on this bike for many years. Its heavy duty crank guarantees you this. Even with the highest riding force and regular use, The crank remains in place.

Portability: The wheels fitted on this upright exercise bike are there to ease its transport. You can move it with ease around your home. Shifting it from room to room is no big deal. Only some insignificant effort is necessary.

Excellent handlebars: Every user of this exercise bike appreciates its handlebars. They are horizontally adjustable. You can customize them to suit your preferred workout position. Their construction is also excellent. The thick pad on them is an assurance of comfort and easy handling. They cushion any occurring shock making your workouts comfortable and safe at all times.

Adjustable resistance: With this bike, you do not have to strain beyond limits. You can now gradually improve your workout through its customizable resistance. It allows you to start low and improve gradually as your muscles adjust to strenuous exercises.

Comfortable seat: The well-padded adjustable seat on this bike brings you an exact definition of comfort. It brings you maximum comfort as you proceed with your workouts. You are free to change the seat angle and height ensuring that you are always in the right position for the best experience.

Pros and cons of the SF-B901 Indoor Upright Cycling Bike


Unbeatable price: With the SF-B901, you are getting exceedingly more than your pay. At less than #400 dollars, you will not find the features and the performance of this upright exercise bike elsewhere. Its top priority is getting the job done. Despite lacking the fancy computer features like the other expensive bikes out there, you will love living without them and rather have your workouts bear fruits while saving some pennies. It aims at being worth the little sacrifice.

Heavy flywheel: The massive 40-lb flywheel on this upright exercise bike brings many benefits to the user. As you know, the impact of a given riding workout is dependent on the flywheel’s weight. With a 40lb flywheel, this exercise bike brings you the right feeling of a real road bike. The results of using this bike will be visible within few weeks.

Warranty: You do not have to stress over natural defects on this bike. The manufacturer backs it with a 1-year warranty on the frame and a 90-day warranty on its components. It is a sign of confidence in the quality of this bike.

Easy assembly: Child’s play is an overstatement in describing the assembly of this bike. Again, its sturdy frame serves you for many years after the assembly.


There isn’t much to say on the dark side of this bike. However, the absence of computerized features on this bike could be a tradeoff. Although the digital features are not the basics of a working out, they could be essential in some cases. Also, they could help you analyze your progress. We could, thus, rank their absence on the SF-B901 as a drawback.

Overall Impression:

The quality of this upright exercise bike speaks volumes about its performance. It is a bike created to suit your fitness needs in the best way. This bike continues to receive many positive reviews on the market. We believe it worth the investment as it brings significant advancement in your body fitness.

Marcy Upright Mag Bike

Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708
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As of: 2020/08/14 2:16 am - Details
Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708 *
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If you have been on the fitness planet for quite some time, then you must have come across the Marcy fitness accessories. Marcy is a company dedicated to providing excellent weight benches, and home gym fitness equipment.

Having a chance to use Marcy products is a lifetime moment that you should always cherish. Within Marcy’s prolific line of products are the Marcy exercise/ workout bikes. Among their bike models, the Marcy Upright Mag Bike stands out on sales, durability, low-impact and extreme exercise use.

The Marcy Upright Bike is a typical equipment designed for home use. We bring you an in-depth analysis of what brings the satisfaction in most of the users of this invention.

What features makes this exercise bike exclusive?

Compact design: The design of this bike is worth the praise. It’s a lightweight bike in comparison to other brands on the market. It weighs only 43 pounds thus easy to handle, transport and store. Also, households with limited spaces will find this bike ideal as it comes with a small size.

Transport wheels: Moving this bike from room to room is no big deal. It features a reliable wheel system to ease transport. All you need is a light push to slide it through the paths to your desired destination. Its lightweight nature and small size also contribute to the ease of transport. Even your youngest child can help you shift this bike from place to place with no safety risks.

Eight resistance levels: Among the valuable features that come with this bike are the eight resistance levels. With this feature, you are spoilt for choice with your workout options. You can now begin your workouts at low levels and advance to the extreme resistance levels.
Within its price range, this is an incredible plus. Also, the magnetic resistance system helps in making the working of this bike smooth. Young mothers will appreciate its quiet operation as your baby will never wake up due to its use.

Comfort: Another significant plus to the Marcy Me-708 Upright Workout Bike is its comfort. It features counterbalanced handle, variable seat height, and variable foot straps. So, it finds its use by all family members from parents to the young toddlers. The foot straps adjust to accommodate all foot sizes. The height does the same to allow comfortable use by people of varying heights.

Large LCD: The display on this bike offers detailed and accurate statistics on the time, speed, calories burnt, and distance covered.
The LCD helps in ensuring that you track your progress with ease. You can tell areas that need improvement as well appreciate your efforts in the improved sections.

Pros and cons of the Marcy ME-708 Upright Exercise Bike


Portability: With the lightweight nature of this bike as well as the reliable transport wheels, this bike comes with extreme portability. Moving it from place to place is no big deal. You can decide to have your workouts in the garden and later return it to the designated room effortlessly.

Durability: The compact design of this bike is a guarantee of its durability. It serves you for many years without depreciating. You will like its ability to accommodate large weights. Its frame is sturdy and does not bend with ease.

Universality: This bike does not have any usage limits. Its adjustable height and foot straps facilitate use by people of any height and leg sizes. Also, as mentioned, it accommodates large weights and also helps in weight loss.

Smooth and quiet operation

Easy assembly


Uncomfortable seat in the long term:The pad and cushion on this bike shrinks and reduces with time. The comfort thus decreases with time. You are free to add on some well-padded covers whenever you feel uncomfortable.

Limited to users of up to 300 pounds in weight

Backlit LCD- reduces the visibility

Overall Impression:

To wrap-it-up, if you are looking forward to buying a low-cost but high-performance upright exercise bike, then going for the Me-708 could be a wise decision. It comes with all the essential components of a starter level upright exercise bike. Try it today for the best experience.

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike (MY17)
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As of: 2020/08/13 1:47 pm - Details
Schwinn 170 Upright Bike (MY17) *
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Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Best upright exercise bike for home exercise

The Schwinn 170 came to the market in the year 2013. It is a model by the Schwinn Company. You will notice that it is an upright version of the re-known 270 recumbent bike.

It comes with great features that collaborate to provide an excellent performance that goes beyond the investment. Its construction is unbeatable, and most of the manufacturers will be targeting to equip their future bikes with the components of this bike.

What features make this bike outstanding?

25 distinct resistance levels: Working out on this bike will surely bring you excellent results. The 25 resistance levels are there to help you improve your fitness every day. You can now begin at the lowest resistance levels in order as you advance to the higher levels. The many levels ensure that it takes you a long time to get used to this bike. You will always be enthusiastic about using this bike, unlike other models that come with fewer resistance levels.

29 workout programs: This bike comes with 29 workout programs. You can now try the different programs to try and see which one work for you best. With this broad range of options, you will always find one or more programs that bear fruits regarding your fitness.

Embedded pulse monitor: Take note of your pulse rate and maintain it at healthy levels with the built-in pulse monitor in this bike.

Reliable memory: With this bike, you can now store different workout settings of up to four family members. You do not have to keep resetting it during every workout.

Excellent LCD: The LCD on this bike cannot be found elsewhere in its price range. It features a 2-window system. It displays 13 distinct readouts including time, speed, to mention but a few. You can now monitor your progress and note areas that need improvement.

3-speed cooling fan: The high-performance cooling fan on this bike brings about a cool atmosphere while you exercise. You can now exercise for long hours without sweating and running out of breath- better and fast results effortlessly.

Other features on this upright exercise bike include:

  • Entire goal tracking capabilities with provision of data reports
  • Oversized pedals fitted with toe straps
  • Fully variable handlebars and seat
  • Water or juice bottle holder
  • Speakers and USB port
  • 10-year frame warranty
  • 2-years mechanical warranty
  • 1-year electrical warranty
  • Pros and cons of the Schwinn 170 Upright Bike


Great entertainment features: With this bike, the user is always entertained during the exercises. It comes with a USB port, an embedded sound system and the media tray for a book or an iPad. Also, the three-speed fan keeps your body fresh and relaxed throughout a workout session.

Picture right LCD: The LCD on this bike is impressive and reliable. It provides you with 13 essential pieces of information including speed, time, distance, pulse, calories burnt, resistance level, etc. Keeping track of your progress and performance becomes easy with the goal tracking feature. You can also export your exercise data to or Schwinn Connect for future reference.

Easy assembly: From the practicality side, the Schwinn 170 is easy to assemble in your room. Also, after assembly, its operation is always smooth and quiet. It’s, therefore, ideal for home use regardless of the presence of young children.


As with all exercise machines, there are always few sections that need improvement.

Parts are breaking: Some customers have raised concern on the sturdiness of components of this bike. Some say that some parts arrived broken. However, this could have resulted from poor packaging and not necessarily the quality of the product. On the other hand, many have said that the product is worth the investment. With good care, this solid machine will serve you for many years.

Overall Impression:

The excellent features on this bike collaborate to provide excellent results. It is an exercise tool that’s worth the investment. Basing on its benefits to the user, it is clear that it worth the investment.

Exerpeutic 500 XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike

Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike, 400 lbs
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As of: 2020/08/13 3:21 pm - Details
Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike, 400 lbs *
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Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Exerpeutic Company has been on the front line in providing high-quality exercise bikes. This particular upright exercise bike ranks among the top sellers. It is an ideal beginner level bike. It features eight distinct resistance levels. Its weight accommodation of up to 300 pounds is incredible. Many find it convenient and easy to handle as it comes with a folding design.

So, let’s dig deeper to see what this exercise bike has to offer.

What features make this upright bike exclusive?

Eight magnetic resistance levels: The 8-level resistance helps in improving your fitness gradually from the first day. You can gradually improve your body shape by striving to overcome all the eight levels of resistance.

Sturdy steel construction: With a sturdy steel frame, this bike brings you reliability and durability. It hardly depreciates even with regular use.

Readable LCD: During your workouts, you will need to keep track of your progress. The LCD on this bike displays relevant data regarding your workout progress. It is easy to read from, thanks to its large figure-display.

Tracking system for the time, distance, speed, pulse, calories, odometer, and an embedded pulse sensor: The data collected by the monitoring system helps you analyze your performance. You can tell areas of progress as well as those that need improvement.

Large, well-padded seat and Oversized, well-fitted foot pedals: The well-padded seat on this bike brings you maximum comfort. You can, therefore, workout for a long time without fatigue. Again, the large foot pedals provide a comfortable stepping ground for easy movements.

Foldable construction: This bike comes with a foldable design to ease storage and transport from room to room.

Pros & cons of the Exerpeutic 500 XLS Upright Bike


Durability: The primary reason why many fitness enthusiasts prefer this exercise bike is that of its sturdy construction. When compared to other models by Exerpeutic, this one comes with 20% more steel. It can, therefore, accommodate more weight that their prior models (300 VS 400 pounds). You can also adjust it to accommodate a person with a height of between 5’1 and 6’5.

Exceptionally quiet and smooth operation: Within its price range, you will not find any other bike with such a proper functioning. No noise accompanies its use. Also, the active features like a decent LCD facilitate ease of use by displaying lots of essential information like speed, calories burned, distance, time and pulse rate.Should you want to vary the intensity of your workout, the eight levels of magnetic resistance are there to help you.

Comfort: This bike brings you priceless comfort. It comes with a large, well-padded seat, multi-grip handlebars and large foot pedals fitted with straps to maintain your feet in place. Lack of noise disturbance is a plus to your comfort.


Outer-finish: Many people find the brown finish old-fashioned and out-of-date. A silver finish would have been more attractive. However, its plays a significant role in distinguishing it from its predecessors. Anyway, that is just from my point of view. Others will find this finish compatible with their wall decors.

Overall Impression:

It is clear that the Exerpeutic 500 XLS upright bike does not come with many workout programs and resistance levels as compared with the high-end models. Also, it does not come with many extra features. However, it is here to provide you with what you need most; Fitness at the entry level.

It is robust and sturdy and provides a smooth, quiet and comfortable workout experience. It is an ideal model for the beginners.

In Conclusion of 
Top 5 Best Upright Exercise Bikes

We have brought you five best upright exercise bikes on the market. The next step of going for the suitable model remains with you. Go for a bike that suits your needs best.

best upright exercise bike

You may have the best bike, but without the commitment to working out, you are bound to fail. Use your bike as recommended to optimize your fitness. Good luck! And don’t forget to check out our overall best exercise bikes