Can An Exercise Bike Cause Back Pain?

Most of the body workouts are meant to improve our health conditions and fitness. Contrary to this, some people have pointed out the exercise bike as the cause of their back pain. On the other hand, some people are aware of the benefits of using an exercise bike. They have learned how much an exercise bike can do. So, can an exercise bike cause back pain?

The back pain

Back pain encompasses several forms of medical conditions. Such includes pain in the upper, middle and the lower part of the back. Patients with lower back pain may also suffer from sciatica. Additionally, back pain can be as a result of arthritis, nerve problems or degenerative disc disease.

Understanding the exercise bike and back pain relations

Many people suffering from back pain find it hard finding the right form of aerobic exercise. Most of the aerobic exercises are not gentle enough for a paining back. In fact, aerobic exercises aid in muscle strengthening. Moreso, they keep the spinal structures fit and healthy. Research shows that exercise bike workouts change the perception of chronic back pain. Intensive workouts often discourage patients suffering from back pain. Others avoid exercise altogether for the fear that it will exacerbate their conditions. The solution is to find an exercise that is comfortable. That helps to reduce the back pain.

An exercise bike is ideal equipment in aerobic exercises. It is one of the favored methods of training by people with back pain. Also, the following are the reasons why biking is ideal for back pain

Biking is less disturbing to the spine compared to another form of exercises. Recumbent bikes, in particular, are very gentle to the spine. Stationary biking provides vigorous workouts with minimal stress to the spine.

The forward leaning position is ideal for a person with the back pain condition. It is particular best suited for people suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis.

Individuals with lumbar degenerative disc disease often feel better in a reclaiming position. A recumbent bike is, therefore, an appropriate workout for them.

Biking can cause back pain in the following circumstances

First, if less conditioning is provided by cycling. Also, if the lumber spine is pulled up, it can cause straining to the lower back. With the neck arching back due to a wrong position on the bike, it can cause neck pain and back pain. This situation happens mostly when the bike one equips the bike with aerodynamic bars. Also, steep terrains increase jarring to the spine this can lead to back pain.

How to safely use an exercise bike to prevent back pain

Choose the bike that fits your purpose. Bikes that allow a more upright posture is ideal for mountain biking. A proper form of biking is needed to avoid back pain. Besides, you should adjust the bike properly to fit your body’s anatomy. While pedaling, you should periodically lower and raise your head to avoid spine injury. Most importantly you should use shock-absorbing accessories such as seat cushions to avoid straining the spine.

The best exercise bike for people with back pain

Depending on the type of back pain, on would need an exercise bike that provides an excellent comfort. Two main types of exercise bikes: a recumbent and an upright bike. Selection is a matter of personal preference. However for back pain patients it is quite another case. It depends on the comfort while in leaning, upright or a reclining position. Different bikes are ideal for various positions. Choosing the right exercise bike is the key. An upright bike gives more room for some movements. You can opt to ride while standing. This kind of biking allows more muscles to be engaged. Alternatively, forward leaning position is ideal for patients suffering from spinal stenosis. People suffering from osteoarthritis also find the forward leaning position more comfortable. On the other hand, recumbent bikes are also very useful. Back pain patients find them very worthy. Patients suffering from mechanical low back pain enjoy using the recumbent bikes.

An exercise bike is an ideal way to deal with lower back pain

Patients suffering from back pain find themselves in a great struggle. Using an exercise bike provides relief. It provides a way to stretch and exercise the body muscles. These include the back muscles also. In this way, pain and misery are alleviated. Using a stationary bike improves the muscle flexibility. Also, it blocks the pain in your body and ultimately reduces the back pain. Apart from back pain patients, exercise bikes also provide mitigation measure for back pain problems. People who have the tendency of using bike exercises regularly have a healthy future. Good future in the sense that there will be no back pain.

Exercise bike helps in strengthening your core

Core areas refer to the key groups of muscles in the body that helps in maintaining a good posture and stability. Abdomen, pelvis, backside and lower back all make up the core of your body. Performing different styles using a recumbent or an upright bike results in a stronger core. Having a strong core implies that you are less vulnerable to having back pain.

Proper set up of an exercise bike is vital to avoid injuries

The versatility of an exercise bike makes it ideal exercise equipment. As we can see, it is ideal for patients with different back problems due to the different comfort levels. Patients with back pain problem should learn to maintain a correct posture while riding. Depending on the kind of the problem two positions are available. They can choose to tilt the seat a bit back. They should ensure that they don’t hyperextend and strain the muscle. Alternatively, they can opt to pedal while leaning forward or in an upright-seated position.


While in back pain, there is a temptation to quit or skip doing exercises. But doing exercises can improve the quality of life by reducing the pain. You don’t have to run a marathon. You also don’t have to lift heavy weights so as to reduce the back pain. An exercise bike is all that you need to get back to the usual business of life. It only calls for doing the exercise in the right way. Understanding your pain and the cause is imperative. This occurrence is because different types of back pains require certain biking activities. Also, doing it in the right way will determine the quality of your results. When you have a recumbent bike or an upright bike back pain is not a limitation anymore. So, when you use an exercise bike rightly, it reduces the back pain. But, if you use it wrongly, it can cause back pain.