Can You Use An Exercise Bike When Pregnant?

Contrary to many beliefs, exercising while expectant is safe. In fact, doctors recommend for exercises during pregnancy. To your surprise, the highest number women don’t engage in physical fitness activities. Many of them cite the possibility of arising complications. But, that’s the opposite. Women who aren’t active are more likely to develop birth complications.

Among the top asked questions, is whether exercise bikes are safe to use by expectant mothers. The answer is yes. As a matter of fact, they are friendly to use as any other method. Stationary bikes are easy to use and safe. When you are pedaling, there are no risks of injuries and falling. A daily exercise session can’t expose your baby to risks. But, it must be as per specialists’ instructions.

Benefits of using exercise bikes for pregnant women

I. Shortening labor

Being active allows your muscles to stretch. This in turns improves your body flexibility. According to doctors, women who engage more in body fitness program experiences shorter labor. Additionally, there are high chances of vaginal delivery than less active mothers.

II. Bike exercising eliminates pregnancy discomforts

When pregnant, many discomforts arise. It is common to find an expectant mother suffering from back pains, nausea, and fatigues. Less active women are more prone to these discomforts. The primary reason is because of changes in their bodies. The more you become active, the more the blood circulation level in your body. Thus, it enhances your body to remove waste products. Also, it contributes to creation more space through muscle stretching.

III. Reduces stress and depression

Peddling a stationary bike is just like engaging in another strenuous training activity. As you cycle, your body blood circulation in the blood vessels increases. Since one is active, exercises allow a woman to have a peace of mind. This prevents built up of stress, which in turn can lead to depression. Besides, boosted blood circulation eliminates fatigue. This leads to better nights of sleep and prevention of insomnia conditions.

IV. Maintaining body weight and shape

Pregnancy and weight gain goes hand in hand. It reaches a certain level when the situation becomes alarming. The weight gain can be hazardous in some instances. For example, it can lead to the development of gestational diabetes. Another common condition is stretch marks. An exercising machine is useful in that case. It keeps your weight in check without risking you or your baby health. Also, your body shape remains fit. Thus after you deliver, you will need only little training to get back your fitness.

Choosing the right machine for exercising

It’s no doubt that a pregnant mother needs an extra care. Thus, an exercise bike should reciprocate this care. Before you decide to start training, safety is the key point to consider. The bike that you’ll use should support your weight. Also, chose one that is more stable to counter your changing center of gravity.

Another aspect to check is the comfort. Exercising can cause severe pains, especially on the back. The most probable reason is an uncomfortable seat. As pregnancy develops, the weight tends to induce back pains. Thus, a comfortable seat is necessary. Find one with cushioned seat and pedals.

The other feature to check is a bike that can offer whole body workouts. The majority of machines offer lower body workouts. As a pregnant woman, engaging both upper and lower body is advisable. Thus, look for one with dual action arms. It allows uniform exercising without exerting too much pressure on one body side. Other enhancements like heart, calories, and distance trackers are also important.

The exercising procedure for pregnant women using exercise bikes

Whether you are pregnant or not, training is a process. But, pregnancy calls for a more careful approach. As you plan to start the process, it is wise to limit yourself. First, start with mild training of about 10 minutes. This acclimatizes your body without exerting strains.

As you become more and more exposed, you can increase to 20 minutes a day. Also, you can try to change the exercising mode. Set the level that will make your body comfortable without getting exhausted. By this moment, if your body is responding well, you can increase the duration of pedaling.

From 20 minutes, you can now try to achieve 30 minutes of exercises per day. Specialists most recommend the period. If you cannot reach the whole duration at once, doing it in bits is perfect. It is prudent to listen to your body whenever you train. Take a diet that will replenish your energy. A pregnant mother requires an extra 300 calories daily. Also, a lot of fluids intake are a must.

The ideal training bikes for expectant women

Elliptical trainers

These machines are one of the top recommendations. Using them is easy and safe. Due to their low impact, they are best for pregnant women. As you exercise, they offer full body workouts. Also, the fluid motion ensures no joint pains or injuries.

Recumbent bike trainers

This bike trainer is ideal due to its supporting nature. Expectant mothers can use it with comfort. Its lounge seat with back support and pedals at the front supports your back as you train. The stretching legs and pedaling action enhance the metabolic rate. Still, the blood and breathing capacity are further boosted.

Precaution for pregnant women when using exercise bicycles

When an expectant mother is training, it is important to take precautions. Some of the health conditions can limit your exercising. These signs may be short-lived or persistent. If they persist, there is a need to consult a doctor immediately. Some of these signs include,

  • Headache
  • Paining joints, chest, and muscles
  • Walking difficulties
  • Vaginal bleeding or fluid leaks from the vagina
  • Increased heart beats even when resting
  • Decreased fetal movement
  • Feeling dizzy and shortness of breath and
  • Contractions


As from the text above, it is evident that exercising can’t do harm to pregnant women. As a matter of fact, training is safe and necessary. Knowing the amount of training is important. It allows you to maintain proper body health and shape. Whenever you want to start physical exercising, it’s essential to check your body. This prevents harmful implications. If you are pregnant, invest a lot on exercise bikes for ultimate health benefits.