How to Lose Weight on an Exercise Bike

Attempting to decide on a weight loss plan is often mystifying. Do you usually find yourself pressed for motivation or time? The thought of working out itself can be tough. There’s a more manageable option, though. Most people tend to think that they’d need to purchase an expensive treadmill. Others get perturbed at the idea of religiously setting aside some time to use it. This arduous idea makes people carry around the unwanted extra pounds for so long.

The Exercise Bike

Start looking into other kinds of workout equipment. Realize how versatile and efficient exercise bikes are. People who’re seeking to lose weight often look to crunches and sit-ups. While such practices serve exceptional purposes, we wouldn’t consider weight loss as among them. Yes, they’ll build your abdominal muscles, making them tighter. But, they won’t contribute much for that fat layer which covers them up.

Compared to most other equipment, exercise bicycles are an excellent way to work out. The exercise bikes’ sitting position makes recovery time between different workouts faster, too. You’ll burn calories quickly and keep your heart rate up. You won’t need to force your tendons and joints to pay the price for that. Cardiovascular exercises are a key to losing weight. A stationary bike helps burn calories throughout one’s entire body, including the stomach. You’d also want your abs contracted to maintain a proper alignment.

Exercise Bikes for Weight Loss

Stationary bikes are excellent equipment. They give you an opportunity to burn fat deposits in numerous parts of your body. You’d only need to hop on your exercise bicycle. Pedal leisurely while doing other things like watching News, Sports or TV shows. That alone is enough help get rid of excess fat from your body. Your fitness level doesn’t matter as stationary bikes are designed for virtually everyone. Working out on a stationary bicycle allows you to burn a remarkable amount of calories. You’ll achieve that without overexerting yourself.

Weight Loss – Related Benefits of Exercise Bikes

Benefit 1:

Stationary bikes allow you to train within your limits. They keep you from training too hard in your exercise regime’s early stages. They provide for speed regulation. That enables you to control your workout’s intensity. It’ll limit the chances of getting injured, too. Almost all exercise bikes have a heart rate monitor which informs you about your heart rate. That ensures that you won’t overexert yourself.

Benefit 2:

With stationary bicycles, you can make adjustments per your fitness improvements. Weight loss is incredibly easy to achieve. These bikes’ speed and resistance level can be adjusted in increments. You can thus choose whether to step up or step down your exercising regime whenever you wish. Of course, that’s dependent on how fit you’re feeling. As well, you can perform interval training.

Benefit 3:

An exercise bike allows you to get a tight butt with well-shaped thighs and calves. That’s the dream for most girls. You’ll be able to achieve such results just by exercising on your stationary bike every day.

Benefit 4:

Owning a stationary bike ensures that it remains available all the time. Because you can keep it indoors, you can make use of your exercise bicycle to work out whenever you wish. All your family members can take benefit of the stationary bike’s weight loss regimes. They’ll lose their weight and get fitter.

Efficient Process to Losing Weight

Step I

Before getting on the exercise bicycle, stretch your body dynamically. Dynamic stretches will loosen up your connective tissue for the exercising movements ahead. You can do stretches like lateral lunges, alternating toe touches, and leg swings. Other excellent ones include ankle bounces, knee highs, trunk rotations, and side bends.

Step II

Adjust the bike’s seat to the appropriate height. Sit on it and place your feet on its pedals. Now, turn the cranks while paying attention to your knees. Ensure that the seat is in a position where the knees are just short of being straight when the cranks are turned. For a warm-up, place your hands on the handlebars and start pedaling. You can go slowly at first, gradually increasing your speed. It’ll loosen up your muscles further and raise your body temperature.

Step III

You can now increase the speed to your particular exercising intensity. Ensure to pedal hard enough till your breath becomes labored and you start sweating. Maintain at this pace for the particular workout duration. Health experts and organizations recommend 60-90 minutes of cardio for weight loss. You can split your sessions into 2-3 bouts during the day in case you don’t have enough time to do it all in one instance.

Step IV

Incorporate interval training into your workout sessions to help increase your intensity. More vigorous exercise will help you burn more calories. Pedal for approximately 30 seconds at a fast pace, and then pedal slowly for around 60 seconds.

Spin intervals are a part of a metabolic finisher following every strength-training workout session. Alternate that back and forth or do 10-minute interval sessions into long workouts.

Step V

You ought to execute a proper form when riding. Maintain an erect posture while pushing the pedals down. But, don’t lean on the handlebars. It’s imperative that you keep your core tight all through your workouts. Also, ensure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Step VI

You can now complete with a light cool-down. That should be done the opposite way of how you had done your warm-up. Pedal slower through a 5-minute frame.

Best Weight Loss Positions on Exercise Bicycles

Position 1

Get the seat positioned in such a fashion that it’ll reach up to your hip. Your knees ought to be in a little-bent position. Ensure that your legs don’t fully extend when cycling. Apply all the required effort from your torso and legs, keeping your shoulders relaxed.

Work your legs by maintaining a steady resistance. It’s dependent on you to determine the perfect resistance for you. It’s best that you don’t spin the legs without maintaining a resistance. We recommend this posture as an excellent beginner position.

Position 2

This position resembles running. You need to keep the bike’s resistance high so that your legs remain in control, without spinning. Lift your buttocks off the bike’s seat while keeping your back straight. It’s important that you keep your shoulders relaxed. You ought to let the legs perform the workout and refrain from resting on the arms.

Position 3

We’d refer it to as the ‘Climb’ position. While maintaining the posture in Position 1, start spinning your legs. Gradually increase the resistance till your legs can’t go any faster. Move your hands further up on the exercise bike while lifting your buttocks off the seat at the same time. Try to keep both your shoulders and arms relaxed.


Research proves that overweight people can burn calories at faster rates using stationary bikes. Those who work out longer and with lots of intensity can burn more of them. Exercise for 30 minutes every day (4 times per week) and you’ll lose a considerable weight amount. Strive to skip indulgences and maintain a healthy diet

You’re likely to maintain your weight if you’re able to lose it gradually. To achieve satisfying results, ride your exercise bike often. Work out every week, at least 4-5 days a week. Your workout intensity and current weight determine how much weight loss you can achieve.