BikeIndoor e-Commerce Scholarship

Tim Maurer is a gym trainer who owns a fitness club to help peoples to live a healthy living.  And now, we want to extend our love and passion to everyone, across the globe, in a different and better way. Together with my colleagues, our obligation is to ensure people get the best services. Besides exercising being essential in keeping fit, it also assists in mental development. Therefore, we have scholarships program to the deserving students.

As you all know, combining physical exercises and while studying, it helps in improving the learning capabilities. That is why in our gym, we have set up various services that are friendly to everyone. Whether for young, old, professionals or students, all are accommodated.

Here is an example of the best exercise bikes article to help our visitors exercise at home and study.

As our effort to promote education, we have started to offer a $1500 scholarship per year. This will be offered based on merit for students who are perusing business related courses.  Also, if you are in another different field, there are no restrictions as long you will meet or expectations.

Scholarship Graphic

How to participate

Participation process isn’t complicated; you just need to follow our instructions.  As you are aware, the best way of selecting the winner is by merit. This will prevent any bias when picking the beneficiary. Thereby, each participant is expected to write an article titled “what will e-commerce look like in the year 2020”. The essay should be between 1000-1500 words.

As a guiding tip, you can mention something about these points

Do you think that there will be much difference in e-commerce from now and 2020?

What are your predictions regarding the e-commerce in 2020 and beyond?

Anyone stands an equal chance to win this scholarship; your creativity and uniqueness are all that will determine. Upon winning, the winner will have a choice to decide on how to use the money.  But, it is only on the educational ground in the specified institution where cheque will be sent.

Application eligibility

For you to be eligible to apply for our scholarship, you must be a student in college or university. Also, for the student who is joining either of two mentioned can apply. The application will be accompanied by other documents to certify you are a student.

To proof, you are a student you have to send a copy of your transcript.  Or, any other materials that give a proof you are a student. This applies to those who are yet to join the college they can use their letter of admission.

Application produce

Application procedure is easy; you just need to submit the following details:

Personal information; name in full, residential and telephone among others

Name of the school

Your area of study

You can attach any document that will help to confirm you are a student.

When submitting these documents, ensure they are in pdf or word doc file. Forward your details to us by email at [email protected]. It is important to ensure that all details are included to avoid disqualification.

Terms, conditions and privacy policies

  • We have the right to reject or accept any application based on merit
  • For the winning applicant, we will have the right to use yours essay for marketing and promotion purposes
  • We will not disclose contact information of our applicant, whether you gets the scholarship or not.

Our scholarships are open to anyone provided you meet the stipulated guideline.  And you won’t be asked to anything for you to participate. Be alert as we will be advertising scholarship every year. Good luck!


The final date for submission is March 31st, and we will choose the winner by May 1st, and the check will be mailed out by May 31st.

$1,500 Cheque will be sent directly to your college.

This scholar ship is annual.

The application is now closed.